Dermo Max Aroma Therapy 150ml Massage Oil has been added to your shopping cart.

Dermo Max Aroma Therapy 150ml Massage Oil has been added to your shopping cart.

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Ozone oil is known to be one of the most natural oils and never damages in many areas. Ozone oil is formed by passing oxygen atoms from pure olive oil. Does not contain additional substances. If ozone treated oil is used for skin diseases, positive results will be obtained. It is also used to treat cases of inflammation thanks to the distinctive elimination of germs. Ozone oil has no known side effects as it is a natural oil and free from additives. It is also characterized by the help of getting rid of acne and the like thanks to its distinctive antioxidant.

It is effective in treating spots and sun spots on the skin.

If used regularly, this reduces the appearance of cellulite and impedes the formation of new cellulite layers.

It plays a moisturizer and supports dry skin in a high percentage

It damages wrinkles and plays a role in preventing aging.

It reduces cracking on the lips thanks to its moisturizing feature

Increases blood circulation and secures cell viability

Date of production: 11-2019 ... End date: 11-2022

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