Kemei modern multi-purpose shaver for trimming and shavin...

199.00 ريال

Why is it special: The KM-700B from Kemei is a solution to all shaving problems since it is a multifunctional machine. This machine meets all shaving purposes, whether it is a shaving, trimming, or clipping. It can be used for both head hair and beard. Due to being a multi-combed shaver, it will enable you to get all your favori..

mog cable, GD-UC511 go-des

50.00 ريال

Many mobile phones can be charged with a 3-in-1 cableCable made of durable material to ensure long-term useIt is tested with high technical standards to give you the best Apple approved resultsHeight 0.9 metersfast chargingData carrier..

smart watch, silver

99.00 ريال

Accept a SIM card and a memory card.Can be contacted through.It has an alarm clock, calendar and timer.Multiform themes...

+Speaker, Bluetooth, wireless, stereo, portable, MINI II

75.00 ريال

.Wireless portable speaker-.It contains two internal speakers-Works by connecting via Bluetooth with mobile phone-.Charger entrance-.AUX input-.USB port-.Memory card entrance-.Up to 6 hours of play time-..

24k gold plated royal indian bracelet

249.00 ريال

Indian Bracelet 24k Gold Plated - 6 BraceletAll accessories gold plated - one year guarantee---------------------------------Product making materialsZinc mixed with copper or pure copperThen the product is painted with gold water-----------------------------------------------------Country of originThis product in China is manufactured to the ..

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A beautiful golden watch for women and a heart in the midd...

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A beautiful golden watch for women and a heart in the middle of the counterWomen watch - Water resistantWatch Material: Stainless steelCountry of Origin : China - First ClassThe best gift : You can present it as a gift of success, a wedding gift, a birthday present, a gift of engagement, or wedding giftProduct Processing: The ..

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A light personal electronic incense burner, carried in a s...

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Very useful multi-purposes incense burner ..

Bag personal items from Force

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Becatchy Body shaping and slimming thermal corset t-shirt ...

159.00 ريال

Features meet your needs:Helps in fat cracking due to heat caused by the inside layer which facilitates the shaping and slimming process.Enhances the efficiency of turning the energy into Mitochondria during workout.Ensure the shoulders to be lifted in a healthy posture whether during sport exercises or even daily routine, which reduces the possibi..

Blind spot mirror

30.00 ريال

Mirrors are round and convex in shape.Placed on the corner of the driver's side mirrors.She reveals to the driver the blind spot that he does not see in the side mirrors...


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