Navi force 3008L Women's Watch, Gold

Navi force 3008L Women's Watch, Gold

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Product Description

Navi force 3008L Women's Watch, Gold

Wristwatch brand for women, Navi Force, Japanese waterproof chronograph machine

Men watch - Water resistant


Watch Material: Stainless steel

Country of OriginChina - First Class

The best gift : You can present it as a gift of success, a wedding gift, a birthday present, a gift of engagement, or wedding gift

Product Processing: The watch is wrapping with a special box - making it suitable as a gift


Terms of warranty

Don't swim or shower with the watch or exposure to chemicals

The warranty card is the Shipping Policy attached with your shipment, save it to send a picture of them for any problem.


Shipping Details

The product is processed within 24 hours from the date of purchase and delivery to the shipping company

Delivery time after receiving the shipping company Product: From 1 Day To 7 Days


Payment Policy

Order and Payment on Receipt


Return Policy

Product damaged during shipment: take a screenshot of the product showing the damage and we'll replace the product and send a new product with no shipping costs.

If the customer doesn't like the product and wants to refund: The product is refunded and the customer will pay shipping product costs to us and transferred remaining amount to customer account.

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