Becatchy Body shaping and slimming thermal corset t-shirt for men

Becatchy Body shaping and slimming thermal corset t-shirt for men

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Becatchy Body shaping and slimming thermal corset t-shirt for men

Features meet your needs:

  • Helps in fat cracking due to heat caused by the inside layer which facilitates the shaping and slimming process.

  • Enhances the efficiency of turning the energy into Mitochondria during workout.

  • Ensure the shoulders to be lifted in a healthy posture whether during sport exercises or even daily routine, which reduces the possibility of Injuries resulting from body looseness.

  • Increase the sweating rate due to Neoprene fibers which triple the body temperature.

  • 3D design fits with muscles stretching direction to help in back reinforcement and shaping both the belly and waist.

  • Very light so it can be worn as a normal t-shirt for walking or workout.

  •  Extremely tight and stretchable at the same time to help you move and workout easily.

  • You have not to worry about sweating to be shown on your clothes anymore since it is designed to retain the sweat inside.

  •  Double-sided design, so it can be worn on both light and dark side in order to fit with all colors.

  •  Helps to flatten the belly, strengthening the back muscles, stretching shoulders, and fixing the body posture permanently.

Technical specs:

  •  Made from Neoprene fabric known to be active in increasing sweat without harming the skin

  • Quick dry due to ultra-absorbent Neoprene formula which helps to keep the body dry from outside while maintaining the sweating rate internally.

  •  Light fabric which helps you to wear under all types of clothes.

  •  Overlock stitching for more durability.

  • T-shirt design to help in shoulder stretching.

  • Clinically proven design to fit with all body sizes.

  • To be hand washed in cool water and light detergent, never dry it automaticallyز                                                                                                                      

  • Smell is normal since the Neoprene contains rubber, however, the smell will fade after a few washes.


You will be surprised by results because:

  • You will get the benefits of sweat with keeping your outside elegant appearance

  • Very fun and positive.

  • NEVER wait for diet, from now on you are free to wear your favorite clothes.

  • No more scheduling for workouts, Becatchy t-shirt helps you to exercise at every single moment.

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