Maximar Men Corset Body Slimming Tummy Shaper shirt

Maximar Men Corset Body Slimming Tummy Shaper shirt

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Maximar Men Corset Body Slimming Tummy Shaper shirt

What makes it special ?

  • It stretches the body to hide the flabbiness at the waist and chest.

  • Through firm knitting, it helps to hide and flatten the tummy to give you an effortless sports appearance.

  • It maintains back support and spinal alignment through an innovative addition of a non-elastic liner that extends vertically at the center of the back.

  • It helps to improve the posture of the shoulders to be well-lifted in a healthy position to give you a younger and more vibrant appearance.

  • Three-layered fabric design that combines robustness to help shape the body and flexibility to give the body comfort in movement.

  • The thermal fiber layer helps stimulate the fat burning, which helps in the slimming process. 

  • It fits perfectly with body details and curvature in order not to make you feel uncomfortable.

  • Light on the body so you can wear it under all your favorite clothes.

  • It will stay perfectly flexible even upon wearing for long time, it hides the bulges to make your body look thinner.


Technical specs:

  • Carefully weaved in three layers to optimize its multiple benefits.

  • The first one is a rubber layer for body shaping.

  • The second is thermal fibers that help optimize fat burning.

  • The third one is a kind of soft fiber that helps absorb sweat without causing skin allergy.

  • High quality in design and manufacturing in terms of threads and other materials used in order to ensure you the great result for a long time.

  • Consisted of 60% Mixed yarns, 20% elastic yarns, 20% Polyester yarns.


Results will surprise you because it:

  • Ensures you a sports look with no need for waiting or suffering.

  • Supports the slimming process through stimulating fat-burning operation.

  • Keeps you dry from outside through sweat absorbance by the fibers of the soft layer.

  • Keeps you always ready for any meeting or social occasion with no worries of flabbiness.

  • Helps you also in case of wearing as a daily routine since it ensures you a healthy posture for both back and shoulders.


N.B: To make size selecting easier, we refer to our customers that Maximar slimming shirt size is the same as your normal underwear.

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