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Hair nourishing serum Dermomax, approved by the Saudi Foo...

199.00 ريال

Dermomax Serum with the power of ginsengNourishes hair from root to tip.It gives hair shine to those who help treat hair breakage.Prevents the external effects of hair dyes.Use this product regularly to prevent hair loss.How to use the serumApply the product to washed and damp hair in the amount of 10 drops.Massage circularly and evenly for three h..

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Magic Hair Dye Shampoo - Suitable For Men And Women - Fast...

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Magic shampoo to dye hair in 5 minutesHow to use  Bring the Sonata Black Hair Envelope Dye Moisten your hair well and then use the towel to dry the hair a little Wear gloves inside before using There are two different types of cream inside the envelope, so the entire contents should be emptied and mixed well evenly Pai..

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Magic shampoo

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Hide the gray hair in an amazing way----------------------------------------------------------Shipping detailsThe product is processed within 24 hours of purchase and delivered to the shipping companyDelivery time after delivery of product by the carrier: 1 to 7 days-------------------------------------------------------------- Payment po..

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Prodermocol blue serum promotes hair growth and feeds the ...

199.00 ريال 287.50 ريال

What makes it special ?It works effectively through targeting and treating the causes of hair regression. Its composition of the medicinal materials helps to stimulate the hair follicles so that the hair returns to normal growth with continuous regular use of the serum.Quickly proven effectiveness within a short period of use, so you do not ha..

Prodermocol hair fiber spray conceals baldness areas

149.00 ريال

What is hair fibre Prodermocol:Fibre prodermocol is a fibres manufactured from medical substances used to cover the baldness spots.Assures you the best results. No one will know that you have baldness if you did not tell him yourself.The mechanism is represented in piling the fibres like thousands of magnets around  the bristles to cover space..

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Beard oil from Dermomax for beard care and thickening - 10...

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- This oil has a unique formula which is specially designed to help germinating the hair follicles consequently the spaces between the   hair whether in mustache or beard will be filled.- The oil also contains other ingredients which contribute to prevent hair fall and dandruff in addition to curing the skin fungi. - It also grants t..

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Comb, for laser hair massage

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Laser Hair Treatment Brush -Large hand brush for combing hair -Small hand massage brush for hair -.A wallet containing: personal care tools + shaving tools -..

derma roller

50.00 ريال

Roller to stimulate the skin to receive the hair tonic serum..

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Electric hair straightener comb

91.00 ريال 99.00 ريال

Product InstructionsThere are two temperatures, 180C and 200C.Temperature 200 is used for coarse and wavy hair.The 180 degree temperature is used for thick and curly hair. The temperature is selected from the ON button.How to useThe hair is washed, cleaned and dried before use.Apply it gently over the hair several times until the desired resul..

Venue anti dandruff shampoo

99.00 ريال

Anti-dandruff specialized shampoo.To be applied twice a week, after the dandruff is gone you can use it once a week as a precaution.Approved by Saudi Food and Drug Authority.Size : 200 ml.Usage instructions are printed on the package...

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