Prodermocol hair fiber spray conceals baldness areas

Prodermocol hair fiber spray conceals baldness areas

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Prodermocol hair fiber spray conceals baldness areas

What is hair fibre Prodermocol:

  • Fibre prodermocol is a fibres manufactured from medical substances used to cover the baldness spots.

  • Assures you the best results. No one will know that you have baldness if you did not tell him yourself.

  • The mechanism is represented in piling the fibres like thousands of magnets around  the bristles to cover spaces.

  • The role of the fibres is to make the hair strands look thicker, thus hiding the embarrassing baldness areas.

  • Extremely effective which will make baldness an irretrievable history. Try it now and recover you self-confidence.


Technical specs: 

  • Produced from medical materials which are very safe on the scalp.

  • Unique formula that allows the scalp ventilation and pores not to be clogged.

  • Ability to cover gray hair in addition to hair reinforcement thanks to ginseng roots contained in its combination.

  • Contains Quaternium-90 which is perfect as a treatment for a stressed scalp.

  • Safe to apply since it composed from recommended medical substances and it also authorised by SFDA. 


How to use: 

  1. Dry the hair.

  2. Direct the sprayer towards the areas of partial baldness and start spraying in a circular motion with full pressure capacity from a distance of 15 cm until the baldness area is completely filled.

Caution: You MUST place a cloth or any kind of insulation around the neck while using to avoid clothes soiling.

It will surely amaze you because:

  • Covers the baldness in a few seconds.

  • Gives you a natural look with thick hair.

  • Treats the stressed scalp.

  • No side effects, so you can use it with no worries.

  • Water and sweating resistant.

  • Fit both men and women.

  • Easy to use.

  • Can be easily removed by shampoo.


Disclaimer: In case you suffer from any skin disease or allergy, you MUST consult a dermatologist prior to use.

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