TEVISE 795A Silver white , mechanical analog luxry watch for men

Product Description

TEVISE 795A Silver white , mechanical analog luxry watch for men

    • You will definitely like it because:

    • Original brand 100%.

    • Two years warranty to assure you the best experience.

    • Packed in a box with Tevise original brand, so you can use it as a gift box if needed

    • Water-resistant, but not assigned for showering or swimming. We completely understand the possibility of exposure to water throughout your daily routine so we offer you this watch which of course will endure such situations, but not to be exposed to plenty of water as in swimming or showering since this requires a special gadget dedicated for such purpose.

    • The design of the watch, as we mentioned, is modern and exquisite, and includes Analog and a chronograph.

    •  Type : It definitely tends to be classic style, but due to modern touches included it can be used for multi-purposes .

    • Solid material: in terms of the strap, it is built from the finest stainless steel materials to ensure long lasting performance and durability. Regarding the case, it is made of zinc alloy which is the best of all other alloys in terms of resistance and durability.

    • Plating : it is vacuum electroplated which ensures a perfect and durable glitter

    :Product specs

    . Brand Name: TEVISE

    . Number and writing: T795A

    . Strap material: stainless steel

    . Dial material: zinc alloy

    . Glass disc: fortified glass

    . Movement: mechanical

    . Case diameter: 42 mm

    . Case thickness: 15 mm

    . Strap width: 20 mm

    . Strap length: 20 cm

    . Weight: 144g


    Reasons to buy : 

    • Built to be an icon of beauty and elegance. It is one of the best watches that fit both businessmen and entrepreneurs

    •  The secret of its beauty lies in caring about the minimal details. Precision in design can be clearly noticed to the extent that every single part is an independent example of uniqueness.

    •  The design includes a lot of stylish touches especially the hollow engraving that shows the interior parts and gears which are harmonized together showing an amazing shape.

    • It is an ideal choice for formal styles because it reflects an appearance of poise and elegance

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