24k gold plated royal indian bracelet

24k gold plated royal indian bracelet

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Product Description

24k gold plated royal indian bracelet

Indian Bracelet 24k Gold Plated - 6 Bracelet

All accessories gold plated - one year guarantee


Product making materials

Zinc mixed with copper or pure copper

Then the product is painted with gold water


Country of origin

This product in China is manufactured to the specifications of the Maya Mart site


The most beautiful gift

The kit is equipped with a case suitable for its size, making it suitable for a gift


Warranty conditions

Do not expose the product to chemicals

Shampoo, jelly, and mushrooms are directly on this will lead to loss of the splinth

The warranty is the shipping poly that came with your shipment and keep it to send a photo of it for any problem


Shipping details

The product is processed within 24 hours of purchase and delivered to the shipping company

Delivery time after delivery of product by the carrier: 1 to 7 days


Payment policy

Order and pay upon receipt


Return policy

Damaged Product during shipping: The product is photographed showing damage, the product is replaced, and a new product is sent with full shipping charges

If the customer does not like the product and wants to return: The return is made with the customer bearing the value of shipping and returning the product to us the remainder will be transferred to the customer's account



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