Becatchy Body shaping and slimming thermal corset t-shirt ...

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Features meet your needs:Helps in fat cracking due to heat caused by the inside layer which facilitates the shaping and slimming process.Enhances the efficiency of turning the energy into Mitochondria during workout.Ensure the shoulders to be lifted in a healthy posture whether during sport exercises or even daily routine, which reduces the possibi..

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Maximar Men Corset Body Slimming Tummy Shaper shirt

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What makes it special ?It stretches the body to hide the flabbiness at the waist and chest.Through firm knitting, it helps to hide and flatten the tummy to give you an effortless sports appearance.It maintains back support and spinal alignment through an innovative addition of a non-elastic liner that extends vertically at the center of the back.It..

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Polyester bodysuit for women REF-133

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Polyester corset to show the body details.Helps tighten flabby areas.Comfortable, flexible, grip and easy to wear.Made of high-quality, soft, flexible materials...

Sauna belt for slimming belt2

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Abdominal belt is one of the modern products that filled the markets and spread widely, and a lot of modern techniques for slimming, tightening the abdomen, strengthening its muscles, and what is related to body shaping and getting a slim waist have been introduced to itThere are several types of belts / regular belts - the electrical belt - the sa..

Sauna suit to increase sweating and lose weight for men an...

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The descriptionWonderful slimming sauna suitA distinctive thermal material that helps remove fat and greaseIt does not cause any sensitivity to the bodyPadded inside can be worn individuallyJust wear it for half an hour a day to lose more than 3 kilos per weekIncreased burning during exerciseIt burns fat and fat throughout the bodyWithout fatigue o..

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Slimming Vibration belt1 - Electric

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Buy thermal vibrator belt for slimming the abdomen, thighs and buttocks: buy small medical equipment by brand body care at the best pricesElectric slimming belt to melt fat and break downDesigned in an elegant and attractive design that fits all weights and is very comfortable in color, blue and black together---------------------------------------..

thermal shorts yc-6105

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Shop shorts sports the best price and review, discover the new from Adidas, Diadora, JB. More than 30 products from sportswear, sports goods, clothesIt helps you burn more fat, maintains body temperature and helps in sweating quicklyIt is elegantly designed and attractive to suit all weights, very comfortable in color and blue together-------------..

Thermal vest corset for men from Becatchy for slimming and...

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Features meet your needs:accelerate fats cracking through heating the vest inside layer which facilitates the shaping and slimming process.Enhances the efficiency of turning the energy into Mitochondria during workout or daily routine.Increase 4 times the sweating rate due to Neoprene fibers which raise the body temperature.3D design fits with musc..

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total body exerciser, sf618

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