Prodermocol blue serum promotes hair growth and feeds the scalp

Prodermocol blue serum promotes hair growth and feeds the scalp

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Product Description

Prodermocol blue serum promotes hair growth and feeds the scalp

What makes it special ?

  • It works effectively through targeting and treating the causes of hair regression. 

  • Its composition of the medicinal materials helps to stimulate the hair follicles so that the hair returns to normal growth with continuous regular use of the serum.

  • Quickly proven effectiveness within a short period of use, so you do not have to wait too long to get the desired results. 

  • All components are made of rich, efficient and fast-absorbing materials to give you healthy thick hair and a bright natural appearance.

  • Helps moisten and feed hair through penetrating the serum into the roots and allowing the scalp to breathe. 

  • It is distinguished from other oils or serums by its light composition which is easily placed and absorbed into the scalp. 

  • Works to regenerate hair by feeding the follicles, making the hair thicker and the hair denser.

  •  Fit for both men and women.


How do I use it ?

  1. Prior to use, make sure the hair is clean and dry. 

  2. Move the derma roller across the area of thin hair in several directions left and right and up and down without compression. 

  3. Use the dropper to put 1-2 ml of the serum and then distribute it all over the area of thin hair. 

  4. Do not wash for an hour at least. 

  5. For best results, it is recommended twice a daily.

Caution: Avoid excessive use of the Derma roller tool to avoid adverse skin complications, it is recommended to start using it once a week during the first month of use, then increase to twice a week, and after desired results, use Derma roller only once a month to preserve the results.

Extra great features: 

  • Certified by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority.

  • 100% medically certified skin safe ingredients

  • Light combination which may not cause dandruff or itching. 

  • Perfect size, 50 ml of effective serum. 

  • Very easy to use. 

  • Attached derma roller for maximum effectiveness


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