Blind spot mirrors are round and convex in shape

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The blind spot is the point that the driver does not see while sitting in the driver's seat, even through the side mirrors or the interior mirror.How blind spot mirrors work and describe:Mirrors are round and convex in shape.She reveals to the driver the blind spot that he does not see in the side mirrors.The wide angle width reduces blind spots an..

High speed ​​smart car charger for all smartphones and tab...

49.00 ريال

Made of zinc alloy for high protection against heat and voltageIt has two USB ports that can be used at the same timeFast charging at 3.6 AAvailable in two types: port (type C) and port (Lightning)Compatible with all mobile phones and tablets..

Lighting and charging bundle for road trips EP-351

250.00 ريال

You will definitely like it because:The EP-351 solar lighting system is an essential component of home lighting, especially in emergency situations.A central device that contains a USB port, four inputs for lamps, and an on/off button.It comes with 3 lights to light up your home at night or when the power is out.An ideal power backup, as it can be ..

Mobile magnetic car holder from Go-Des

50.00 ريال

The mobile is attracted by a magnet .The base is installed in two ways . Via a piece that is attached to the air conditioner .By means of a piece installed on the glass or dashboard .Additional 3M adhesive parts are included .It contains a special place to hold the phone cable ...

Mobile magnetic car holder from Moog Max

50.00 ريال

 .The mobile is attracted by a magnet .The base is installed in two ways. Via a piece that is attached to the air conditioner . By means of a piece installed on the glass or dashboard   Additional 3M adhesive parts are includedIt contains a special place to hold the phone cable..

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LED interior lighting for the car in 8 distinct colors

91.00 ريال 99.00 ريال

It works on the car lighter -Consists of 4 separate adhesive LEDS .The color is chosen via the remote control which controls the intensity of lighting and movement of lighting and colors.You can put the sound of the music to play the colors and change with the music, or the mode of switching colors and controlling its speed.A sound sensor that work..

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Vacuum, LED Torch, Tire Inflator, Tire Pressure Watch

199.00 ريال 249.00 ريال

4 in 1 Digital Car Tire Inflator and Car Vacuum Cleaner.It works on the car lighter.The vacuum cleaner has a power of 80 watts.Brush and attachments for cleaning AC vents and hard-to-reach places.Car tire inflator with the connection between the tire and the device.Car tire pressure gaugeEquipped with a powerful LED light for clear night vision.-To..

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Vacuum, LED torch, tire inflator, tire pressure watch.

130.00 ريال 260.00 ريال

Works on car lighter. The 96-watt vacuum cleaner. It contains several accessories for better cleaning, with a mattress to clean the air-conditioning and narrow places in the car. Air blower for infusions with the connection between infidelity and the device in addition to an hour to measure the air pressure. Equipped with powerful LED light&nb..

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