Dermo Max Aroma Therapy 150ml Massage Oil has been added t...

99 ريال

Ozone oil is known to be one of the most natural oils and never damages in many areas. Ozone oil is formed by passing oxygen atoms from pure olive oil. Does not contain additional substances. If ozone treated oil is used for skin diseases, positive results will be obtained. It is also used to treat cases of inflammation thanks to the distinctive el..

Foot care cream to remove chapped legs and prevent bad odo...

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:Dermomax Foot Care Cream Get rid of the problems of cracked feet with Dermomax cream and enjoy soft skin like a childIts scent is beautiful and refreshing, giving you a sense of comfort and relaxationPrevents the appearance of fungi that cause foul foot odorSafe on the skin and approved by the Food and Drug Authority in the KingdomPacked i..

I Love Essence The Original Volume Mascara, Black

30 ريال

:product specification.The product makes the eyelashes dark and thick in no time.The product has a highly pigmented formula and lasts long on your eyelashes.The product is safe to use and does not cause any eye irritation..

Venue anti dandruff shampoo

99 ريال

Anti-dandruff specialized shampoo.To be applied twice a week, after the dandruff is gone you can use it once a week as a precaution.Approved by Saudi Food and Drug Authority.Size : 200 ml.Usage instructions are printed on the package...

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