Indian heart, a luxury 24k gold-plated set

Indian heart, a luxury 24k gold-plated set

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Product Description

Indian heart, a luxury 24k gold-plated set

This set combined from 3 pcs (necklace+earrings). It reflects the beauty of Indian style in jewelry design. This set features nature-inspired engravings forming a marvelous palette that gives you a feel of luxury and elegance.

What makes it special?

1- It is plated with a certain ratio of 24k real gold and not only chemically treated to get the golden color like other similar accessories.

2- They will never know that it is not gold. It is meticulously crafted to be the same as gold in terms of shape and brightness.

3- It was handcrafted in most of the stages by goldsmiths, which in turn is reflected in the precision and high quality of manufacturing.

4- Fit for different types of occasions. 


Technical specs:

  • Made from pure high quality copper.

  • Treated though advanced methods to give it a long lasting durability.

  • 24k gold plated which makes it look like gold in terms of shape and durability.

How to maintain the glitter?

It is a gold-plated product so it should be treated like gold. It should never be directly exposed to perfumes, detergents, or other substances containing alcohol, as even real gold will be affected by these substances. So if you follow these instructions, It will keep a long-lasting shining brightness.

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