Naviforce NF7001 black casual genuine leather wallet

Naviforce NF7001 black casual genuine leather wallet

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Product Description

Naviforce NF7001 black casual genuine leather wallet

Why is it special?

  • Genuine leather 100 %.

  • Small size wallet, this thin version from Naviforce has been optimized to be even more modern.

  • Stylish and harmonized design that will not take up much space when carried by or in your pocket.

  • Due to the small size, you will be able to wear your favorite clothes without to worry about affecting your appearance.

  •  It includes several pockets and storage spaces suitable for bank cards, etc., as well as small amounts of money.

  • Professionally crafted from the best genuine leather, which reflected in quality, durability, and flexibility with repeated use.



Technical Specification:

  • Brand: Naviforce

  • Model: NF7001

  • Material: Normal Leather

  • Lining: Leather

  • Dimensions: 11 * 8 cm



We recommend it to you because:

  • This is a design favored by men, especially those who are annoyed by large wallet and prefer something lighter.

  • It combines luxurious style with modern fashions with maintaining functionality and durability so it can be relied upon when traveling or shopping.

  • The NF7001 wallet comes in a fancy black box so it can be a perfect gift for men on several occasions.

  • The wallet has a stylish design with harmonious sewing edges, so in short it is ideal for all uses.

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