Integrated multi-purpose shaving bundle from Kemei km-700B, km-1998

Integrated multi-purpose shaving bundle from Kemei km-700B, km-1998

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Product Description

Integrated multi-purpose shaving bundle from Kemei km-700B, km-1998

Why is it special: 

  • To be considered a  truly integrated shaving bundle since it includes two of the best multi-purpose shavers.

  • Kemei km-1998 will meet your need to shave a head hair or thick beard, while km-700B will help you to get your favorite modern looks.

  • We can say that this bundle is a true great value since it meets all shaving needs of men at a very competitive price.

  • It is more than enough. You will never need any more shaving equipment.

Technical specification: 

  • Brand. : KEMEI .

  • Model No. : KM-1998  + KM-700B

  • Materials: These shavers are made from the best materials in both metals and plastic parts. Engines and blades are made from copper and stainless steel.

  • Charging: Charger and USB cable, fast charge, running time 1-2 hrs after full charge

  • Quality: Conform to European standards CE 

  • Accessories: Both shavers include a lot of accessories such as  combs + brush + charger+ USB cable

  • Battery: Ion batteries with high storage capacity 

  • Warranty: 2 years 

Performance will exceed your expectation because:  

  • Among the best shavers which are suitable for shaving and trimming of head hair and beard.

  • Rechargeable and easy to clean and use. 

  • One is made from a totally metal solid structure and the other from high quality durable materials.

  • It will help you to have multi gradient shaving and trimming to give you the desired appearance.

  • Allows you to get a professional haircut.

  • It is usable in both wired and wireless mode, and could be used at home or upon travelling. 

  • Equipped with a powerful engine with low power consumption and optimum efficiency.

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