Pro White Magic Whitening Gel

Pro White Magic Whitening Gel

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Pro White Magic Whitening Gel

Remove stains on teeth made with natural materials that have no side effects with ease you can get impressive results of dentist carbon Dental carbon White Gin carbon, made from organic active carbon and active carbon, containing small particles that clean the black layer 

Manufactured with natural materials that have no side effects

With its easy use, you can get impressive results

What is carbon teeth whitening

Teeth whitening carbon is made from the husks of the coconut and it consists of active natural organic and natural active carbon as it contains small particles that cleans the black layer and stains from the teeth easily without any damage to the tooth enamel

It has an important effect on cigarette stains, tea and coffee

By regular use, it restores the natural whiteness of the teeth. You can use it safely and in the quantity you desire due to the lack of damage and its side effects. You can get long-term results within a short period


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