Hair nourishing serum Dermomax, approved by the Saudi Foo...

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Dermomax Serum with the power of ginsengNourishes hair from root to tip.It gives hair shine to those who help treat hair breakage.Prevents the external effects of hair dyes.Use this product regularly to prevent hair loss.How to use the serumApply the product to washed and damp hair in the amount of 10 drops.Massage circularly and evenly for three h..

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Magic Hair Dye Shampoo - Suitable For Men And Women - Fast...

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Magic shampoo to dye hair in 5 minutesHow to use  Bring the Sonata Black Hair Envelope Dye Moisten your hair well and then use the towel to dry the hair a little Wear gloves inside before using There are two different types of cream inside the envelope, so the entire contents should be emptied and mixed well evenly Pai..

Men's care shaver KM-811

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Kemei KM-811 men's machine:Men's care shaver..

Multi-headed women's body groomer, KM-8001

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Kemei Women's Multi-Head Machine 5-in-1A head for plucking the hair of the legs and handsHair shaving headA head that cleanses the skin gently and deeplyHead to remove dead skin from the epidermisA head to massage the skin softly and gently..

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Pro dermocol Blue Hair Serum, approved by the Saudi Food a...

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Prodermocol Blue Hair SerumHelps make hair more shiny and shinyHelps make hair stronger by penetrating into the folliclesIt reaches deep into the roots of the hairUse this product regularly to prevent hair lossHow to use the serumApply 2ml to clean and dry hairAfter 1-2 hours, you can wash the hair with warm waterIt is preferable to use the include..

PRO dermocol volume spray to fill hairspots

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Fills hair spaces quickly to give hair appearance and density and hide the scalp not covered by hairIt strengthens the hair thanks to the ginseng extract, and thanks to the B5 formula, it helps the hair resist waterSuitable for daily use, it is resistant to water and sweat, and it can be removed from the hair by washing it with shampooHow to useThe..

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Sanford hair removal machine for women

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The multi-head women hair removal machine with a dead skin removal head from the heel of the man with wonderful materials and a stylish longitudinal shape that is easy to carryWhen it comes to skin beauty, cleanliness and freshness, every lady searches for what suits her, and many prefer to use electric shavers to get rid of excess hair, so they ar..

Women multi-head hair removal machine

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Kemei multi head women 4 in 1 machine:A head for plucking the hair on legs and hands.Head for shaving.Hair cutting head.Cuticle dead skin removal head...

Comb, for laser hair massage

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Laser Hair Treatment Brush -Large hand brush for combing hair -Small hand massage brush for hair -.A wallet containing: personal care tools + shaving tools -..

Dermo Max Keratin Shampoo 400ml

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Supports healthy hair growth with its natural content.Helps boost hair loss.How to use Apply on your damp hair by massaging with fingertips and rinse with waterThe step should be repeated several times to suit daily use..

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Dermomax Max Shampoo, Keratin and Ozone Serum

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Ozone shampoo with keratin serumA product that contains vitamins and nourishing oils for hair.It gives hair care and protection from split ends.How to use First wash the hair with a 15ml shampoo pack for 2-3 minutes with warm water.Dry the hair a little and leave it a little wet.Drip 5 to 10 drops of a 30ml large pack of serum onto the hair ro..

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Electric hair straightener comb

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Product InstructionsThere are two temperatures, 180C and 200C.Temperature 200 is used for coarse and wavy hair.The 180 degree temperature is used for thick and curly hair. The temperature is selected from the ON button.How to useThe hair is washed, cleaned and dried before use.Apply it gently over the hair several times until the desired resul..

Venue anti dandruff shampoo

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A shampoo specialized in the treatment of dandruff from hairIt is sufficient to use it twice a weekAfter the disappearance of the crust, once a week is enoughFDA approved..

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