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Men's Trimmer, KM-5021 + Men's Trimmer 5015-KM

175 ريال 218 ريال

 Kemei strong men's shaverAccurate in defining, sculpting and drawing the edges of the hairPowerful, professional and easy to controlMultiple use for hair or beardIncludes combs for shortening hairUSB charging..

Women multi-head hair removal machine

150 ريال

Kemei multi head women 4 in 1 machine:A head for plucking the hair on legs and hands.Head for shaving.Hair cutting head.Cuticle dead skin removal head...

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Comb, for laser hair massage

99 ريال 150 ريال

Laser Hair Treatment Brush -Large hand brush for combing hair -Small hand massage brush for hair -.A wallet containing: personal care tools + shaving tools -..

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