Pearl bracelet bng29

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Bracelet with beadsIn bright white in the form of granules connected together..

+Speaker, Bluetooth, wireless, stereo, portable, MINI II

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.Wireless portable speaker-.It contains two internal speakers-Works by connecting via Bluetooth with mobile phone-.Charger entrance-.AUX input-.USB port-.Memory card entrance-.Up to 6 hours of play time-..

24k gold plated royal indian bracelet

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Indian Bracelet 24k Gold Plated - 6 BraceletAll accessories gold plated - one year guarantee---------------------------------Product making materialsZinc mixed with copper or pure copperThen the product is painted with gold water-----------------------------------------------------Country of originThis product in China is manufactured to the ..

Blind spot mirrors

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Mirrors are round and convex in shape.Placed on the corner of the driver's side mirrors.She reveals to the driver the blind spot that he does not see in the side mirrors...

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