Full Package Sonata hair fiber,

Full Package Sonata hair fiber,

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Product Description

Full Package Sonata hair fiber, with stabilizer, to hide partial baldness Buy 2 and get free stabilizer

How to use 

 Bring the Sonata Hair Fiber packaging
 Now spray Sonata on the head evenly and slightly over completely dry hair
 Next, spray the Sonata Hair Fiber fixative and then style the hair as desired
 You are now enjoying a youthful and attractive appearance without permanent baldness for a full 24 hours

Why is our product the best !

Our product is certified by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority, Sonata hair fiber is the best product to hide baldness, as it thickens hair in thirty seconds and is excellent in solving light hair problems and is the ideal solution for partial baldness. It is a temporary, not a therapeutic, cosmetic product that consists of keratin made from vegetable fiber, anti-bacterial, and it does not cause scalp problems or clogged pores, so it is considered one of the best solutions for people who suffer from hair loss

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