Sauna suit to increase sweating and lose weight for men and women high quality lined

Sauna suit to increase sweating and lose weight for men and women high quality lined

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The description

Wonderful slimming sauna suit

A distinctive thermal material that helps remove fat and grease

It does not cause any sensitivity to the body

Padded inside can be worn individually

Just wear it for half an hour a day to lose more than 3 kilos per week

Increased burning during exercise

It burns fat and fat throughout the body

Without fatigue or effort, you will get a tight body

Just wear it daily for a short period to get a stylish body

  All sizes are available to fit all weights up to 4 X large

A fat-free body tight ... without fatigue or exertion

Available color is navy

Fit for men and women

Hundreds of years ago, Scandinavians used the sauna for its many benefits such as relaxation, cleansing the body of toxins, and weight loss, and they also used it in the early childhood stages, but the sauna and steam rooms are always confused, because both are used to enhance sweating, but they use different types of heat. The sauna uses dry heat from the furnace or hot rocks and reaches 195 degrees Fahrenheit, equivalent to 90.5 degrees Celsius

Stylish and attractive design that fits all weights and is very comfortable. The distinctive black is always known for this suit


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